Limited edition of 10 amplifiers, and numbered from 1 to 10, the design of the 4S Amplifier was made by MC ALISTER. All Charlin appliances are manufactured, machined and assembled in France, in the La Rochelle factory. The eyes of the chassis are manufactured in the factory of Rouen. The magnetic circuit-breakers have a machined offset system to allow a better grip of the ON / OFF ignition.

The A. Charlin 4S Amplifier has three distinct, insulated and shielded modules in a single extruded aluminum or titanium chassis

Three fully shielded and insulated modules have been grouped together in an extruded aluminum or titanium chassis. The modulation part of the 4S Amplifier has been conceived as a smart device, simplified to the maximum to avoid losses and linear inductances (with very few distortions by harmonic and intermodulation). The Signal module operates in the analog mode. The components used are sorted and paired (2/1000). No thermal runaway has been noted, whatever the load can be (1 Ohm), according to the power delivered. All electrical connections use silver (ITT CANNON) or 24 karat gold (Furutech) for contacts. All 50 Ohm audio connections use tellurium copper contacts. The RCA jacks are specially made for the CHARLIN 4S Amplifier.

Connectivity allows exceptional conductivity for exceptional musicality

An enveloping structure is mounted on Teflon and fusion welded at 450 °C. The HP sockets are made in ETIs copper and tellurium to achieve the best electrical conductivity to date.

Thus, conductivity is much better than electrolytic copper (90% versus 28% according to IACS or International Annealed Copper Standard), with a gain of 300%. The 4-output Charlin 4S Amplifier's Loudspeakers' terminals provide true bi-wiring. The low noise and high bandwidth power supply (with a DC to 50 kHz) is a regulated push-pull, working without a diode bridge. The amplifier is completely isolated from electromagnetic disturbances by a 100% anti-RFI and EMI tinned copper (TNCU). The case has a dedicated vibratory mechanism, composed of a lenticular pendulum with turned whorles.

A lenticular pendulum with whorles makes it possible to free oneself from the vibrations in the image of the pendulum of Foucault

The vibratory mechanics of the A. CHARLIN 4S Amplifier and the A. CHARLIN e-Power10 distributor are studied to be the most effective and to be relieved from the relativity (Einstein) caused by the movement of the earth. It is thanks to Foucault and the pendulum that bears his name that we know the strength of Coriolis, explained with the thesis of Kamerlingh. This one demonstrates the oscillation of the pendulum while the earth rotates independently. Starting from the laws of Newton's motion, it was combined horizontally by a pendulum and vertically by a weight / spiral balance of the pendulum, allowing to get rid of the Galilean reference frame and to annihilate the perturbations as in an absolute space (Newton, Principia Mathematica).

The lenticular pendulum with coiled whorles is mounted on two concave planis-poles with bisected axes. The resonant frequency is as low as possible so as avoiding to conflict with the electronic components of the devices.

A.CHARLIN 4S. Amplifier (Limited Edition .10)

Nominal Power 100 watts on 8 ohms
Operating Classe AB for 4,34 Vpp at 100 Watts with a voltage gain of 36 dB
Sensibility / Voltage Gain 146 db 36 db
Damping Factor > 200 sous 8 ohms à 1 Khz
Bandwith in Power DC to 50 KHz
Unit weight with feet 39 kg
Exterior dimensions 400 mm x 400 mm x 180 mm