The A. Charlin MiniS Stereo Power Amplifier relies on an innovative electronic design to achieve the best sound quality with sources and preamplification associations. To this end, the MiniS amplifier is based on the implementation of several modules, fully shielded and insulated from each other. Then, they are combined and integrated into extruded aluminium chassis.

MiniS amplifier benefits from technological advances developed for the Charlin 4S High End Amplifier

The development of our MiniS Power Amplifier benefits from the majority of the already present innovations on the monophonic block A. Charlin 4S, electronics recognized by the specialised press to be a reference for audiophile and High End High Fidelity listening. Named MiniS for Stereophonic, its implementation endures no concession in comparison with the Charlin 4S, while being more accessible for the music lovers and amateurs of High Fidelity.

Created to give you the pleasure of listening to music in its complete authenticity, the Stereophonic A. Charlin MiniS Power Amplifier will give you the advantage of the most successful technology in the field of advanced electronics. Meeting the requirements of modern High Fidelity with an optimum reliability, the MiniS sees itself is developed with R-Core and toroidal Power Supply to guarantee high performance and effectiveness levels.

Charlin MiniS benefits from a leading-edge technology and the ALBAT optimisation

The amplifier A.CHARLIN MiniS operates with a 4th Generation Processor Treatment of Signal (PTS). Placed in the chain of treatment of the signal, he has the precious advantage to augment the intelligibility of the musical signal while reducing auditory tiredness

Technological innovation allowed by the know-how of the Maison CHARLIN, dynamics reached by this processor brushes 1500 Db for 32 bits in floating comma and in breadth of data. The output of the amplifier is permanently protected against short circuits, surcharges or abnormally high temperatures.

The Charlin MiniS amplifier exists in stereophonic version in a single case or in bridged monophonic version in two separated cases. With XLR connections, the MiniS allows a high power level, linked to a particularly feeble musical distortion.


  • Compact Stereo or Monophonic Power Amplifier
  • Linear power supply with maximum efficiency and minimal thermal runaway
  • Fast Recovery circuit producing crystal clear sound, even at high listening levels
  • MiniS Stereo Version 2X270 Watts / Channel
  • MiniM Monophonic version 1X540 Watts / channel
  • Lenticular pendulum system to avoid vibrations (Foucault Pendulum)
  • ALBAT optimization and wave propagation mode in the listening room
  • Construction and milling into the aluminium mass
  • Chassis made of aluminum 6060 series for optimal cooling of electronics
  • 18-carat gold Furutech XLR Inputs & HP ATI Outputs in Copper Tellurium
  • 24 pin ETI® Gold Outputs with terminal block for each channel