Charlin cables holder

Too often regarded as an useless accessory, the cable elevator is now considered as an essential link for sound reproduction in a High Fidelity system. Unlike cable supports, the CHARLIN elevator removes the electrical charges that could remain in the cables themselves and this, without any energy loss or polarisation. Although its modests height of 20 cm compared to the activity of the dielectric transfers of the cables – as it could exist up to 60 cm – the isolation of the CHARLIN cables with 100% EMI/RFI welded steel is completely preserved. The use of CHARLIN elevators will ensure the perfect osmosis between the mode of propagation of the information in the cable and the dielectric itself.
Presented for the first time at the Hamburg exhibition “Hortest 2017” and then, at the “High-End 2017” in Munich for modest and high-end installations, the public was able to discover and test the beneficial effects of the CHARLIN elevators.

The elevator is composed of an open tray of 6000 series aluminum, which is then literally planted in a circle of crosscut wood, composed of four woods cut in their height. Similar to the other tables or furniture in crosscut wood, these elevators are signed by CHARLIN.